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Fine art, limited edition prints available for purchase

Limited Edition Prints Available

Our store is still under construction, feel free to visit me at www.Etsy.com/shop/shinspin

Or send me a quick email with your information and which prints you are interested in.

Print Alone: $40

Matted with 16×20 board, included backboard and clear plastic sleeve: $60

Limited Edition Print Details

Edition Name:  Opening Series – Edition One

Sheet Size:  12.25″x17.25″

Matte size: 16″x20″

Total Number of Prints in Edition: 50

Paper used for Prints:   13pt Matte Cover Recycled paper

Printed by:  PS Print, Oakland, CA USA


“The Palisades” – Hudson River Series – Original painting completed by Shinyung K. Schwartz acrylic on paper  18 in by 24 in 2009 – NewYork, NY USA

“River Towns” – Hudson River Series – Original painting completed by Shinyung K. Schwartz acrylic on paper  18 in by 24 in 2009 – NewYork, NY USA

“Humongous Fungus” – Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Series – Original painting completed by Shinyung K. Schwartz acrylic on canvas  48 in by 48 in 2008 – NewYork, NY USA

“One & One part1” – Spirit Series – Original painting completed by Shinyung K. Schwartz acrylic on canvas  30 in by 40 in 2010 – San Jose, CA USA

“One & One part2” – Spirit Series – Original painting completed by Shinyung K. Schwartz acrylic on canvas  30 in by 40 in 2010 – San Jose, CA USA

Mama’s Love

Mama’s Love

This series is still in progress, I have a few more animals in the works at my studio…but here’s a little information about it…keep in mind its a rough synopsis:

‘I’m an animal lover, but as a child there was nothing more mysterious to me than the reproduction of animals. Some of my fondest memories are of my cat having kittens, hatching chicks, being obsessed with marsupials, reading books on all kinds of animals, spying on birds nest…etc. I’m all grown up now and know better, but I still think all those things are awesome, and wish that we all could all let a little bit of our inner child out once in a while and have a little fun 😉 ‘

This series is meant to ‘un-educate you on how babies are made. Hope you enjoy it..





On the easel

On the easel

Some recent pics from the studio:

Art Auction Benefitting the American Heart Association

Art Auction Benefitting the American Heart Association

Saturday, April 23, 2011 – Local Arts for Healthy Hearts

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time: 1 hour pre-showing and Open bar (Sponsors): 6pm; General Admission: 7pm-10pm

Venue: Triton Museum of Art 1505 Warburton Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050


Also check out the Official Press Release

Over 58 million Americans (i.e. about 1 in 4 persons) suffer from some form of heart disease, and almost 1 out of 2.4 deaths in the USA result from it. Recognizing the widespread impact of this issue, ShinSpin Art Studios recently accepted the challenge to raise funds by holding an American Heart Association ‘FUNraiser’ Art Auction.

29 established and up-and-coming artists (listed below) have volunteered to donate new and/ or existing artwork varying in a wide range of artistic styles and mediums. Target sale prices for the artwork range from $200 – $2,000 per piece (of course this being an auction these are simply targets) with proceeds being split by percentages of 40%, 30%, and 30% and distributed to the American Heart Association, Artists, and hosting Gallery respectively.

This event will be held at a premiere venue on April 23 in the ‘Heart’ of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA. Venue details and location to be announced in the upcoming weeks, so please check back for more details or sign up for the event email list. Simply send an email to shin@shinspin.com

While the auction is not slated until April, our call for action is now. February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month and we are trying to leverage this as a springboard to generate awareness for this cause and event. A variety of promotion efforts are planned for this event ranging from grassroots efforts to celebrity participation. In addition to supporting this cause by attending and bidding in this auction, anyone can simply make a nominal donation directly to the American Heart Association via the Local Arts for Healthy Heart FUNraiser page: Link to the American Heart Association Donation Page

Confirmed artists for the exhibit and auction are listed immediately below. Collectively, these artists and their artwork have been exhibited in hundreds of galleries throughout the world and published in some of the most respected publications and media outlets. More details and bio’s about the artists coming soon.

Official List of Participating Artists:

1. Shinyung Schwartz www.shinspin.com

2. Kristen Van Diggelen www.KristenvanDiggelen.com

3. Tahiti Pehrson http://tahitipehrson.com/Gallery.php

4. Thomas Christopher Haag http://thomaschristopherhaag.com/index.html

5. Ernest Doty http://ernestdotyart.com/gallery.htm

6. Daryll Peirce http://daryllpeirce.com/

7. Scott Greenwalt http://www.soylentgreenwalt.com

8. Arin Fishkin www.arinfishkin.com

9. Mark Warren Jacques http://www.markwarrenjacques.com/

10. James Seevers http://jamesseevers.blogspot.com/

11. Lori Krein http://lorikreinstudios.com/section/71975_Assemblage.html

12. Jason Adams http://losthighway66.com/blog/

13. Mike Ritch http://www.mikeritch.com/

14. Kelly Page http://www.kellypage.net/

15. Debbie Cain http://www.debbiecain.com/main.html

16. Sergio Navarro http://www.sendarte.com/Site/Welcome.html

17. Peter Dimick http://petermarshdimick.com/home.html

18. Dennis Mcnulty http://www.dennismcnultyart.com/art

19. Robert Knight http://robertjknight.com/

20. Julie Jacobs www.justcausecustomjewelry.com

21. Ryan De La Hoz http://www.ryandelahoz.com/page2.htm

22. Lisa Schmaltz www.schmaltzart.com

23. Morgan Slade http://morganslade.com/06.html

24. Katja Leibenath http://katjaleibenath.com/section/128317.html

25. Ted Lincoln http://tedlincoln.com/gallery.php?gallery=square

26. Maryam Tohidi http://torang.smugmug.com/

27. Kathryn Arnold http://www.kathrynarnold.com/

28. Janice Blythe http://janblythe.com/Portfolio.aspx?CategoryId=2

29. George Long http://georgelong.ws/

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, need more information, or wish to donate artwork, please contact bogie@shinspin.com or (650) 930 0972.

Additional event details will be posted as they become available so please check back soon.

We thank you in advance for any and all of your support!

~ShinSpin Art Studios

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Below are my most recent work.  If you need design services, feel free to contact me.  Of course, this message can be your custom…